Massage Oil Candle

massage oil candle.jpg


  • 1.6 oz Shea Butter

  • 1.4 oz Cocoa Butter

  • 1.4 oz Soy Wax

  • 1.4 oz Sweet Almond Oil

  • 10 drops Essential Oils (optional)

  • Premade Candle Wick


  1. Place premade wick in container of your choice

  2. Melt together all ingredients except the essential oils, stirring occasionally

  3. Take mixture off heat and add essential oils

  4. Pour mixture in your container of choice, holding the wick steady in the center of the container

  5. Allow to cool for at least 12 hours

  6. To use, light candle and let burn for 5 to 20 minutes at a time before blowing out, and collect oil in your hand for massage purposes

  7. Tip: Leaving the candle lit for too long may increase the oil temperature - let cool before touching